Anwendung der Dosen

Application of the design food storage containers

Living room as a design box like a vase, a candlestick or a bowl to beautify the living room or as a design object

In the kitchen for the "beautiful" storage of food that you also want to show (transparent containers with colored pasta)

In the bathroom for bath salts, as odds and ends - box for hair clips, for cotton pads, tampons, jewelry, etc.

In the children's room for storing building blocks, pencils, chalk, watercolors, brushes, children's jewellery, stickers, wool, thread and yarn, tooth box or as an embellishment

In the office for pens, clips, coffee cans, sugar bowls

As a gift box, e.g. filled with chocolates in a cardboard gift box to give away again

As a box for sweets - e.g. Smarties get a different meaning

Pet food for hamsters - and guinea pig food in the children's room because no odors are released, fish food, dog food, cat food,

In the utility room for threads, buttons, detergents, tabs, charcoal lighters and smelling consumables

Coffee - and tea, the aroma is preserved, each tea and coffee has its own box - nothing has to be hidden, the kilo of coffee now has its place next to the high-quality coffee machine

No loss of flavor

Benefits und Vorteile der Aromadosen

Effective aroma protection through a unique closure system

Spoon inside the lid with filling information

No locking brackets and folding hinges - therefore no risk of injury to hands and fingers

Very emotional design

Dishwasher safe up to +65°C

Suitable for freezing herbs etc. down to -25°C

Food safe, highest quality plastic material glass polymer, which does not give off any odors or vapors to food (odourless)

Resistant to essential oils such as those found in coffee and tea

Resistant to bergamot oil and 5% citric acid, such as in Earl Gray Tea or flavored teas

Stop with insects, mealworms, etc., provided that mealworms were not already packed in the mill

Sealing is flexible with the property of always returning to its original state and is unbreakable. No silicone!

Cleaning the food storage containers

The container can be cleaned in the dishwasher at up to 75°C. Household dishwashers reach a maximum of 65°C.

The container can be placed in the lower rack of the dishwasher. After about 100-300 cleanings, depending on the type of detergent, the container can become slightly milky. This is because the detergent/washing powder is rubbing against the plastic.

When drying the container after the rinse cycle, water droplets may stick to the container, leaving stains on the container after drying. Liquid rinse aid suitable for plastics, reduces the surface tension of the water, which means that it can run off without the formation of drops.

Der Deckel kann in das obere Fach der Spülmaschine mit der Dichtung nach unten gelegt werden. Der Trocknungsvorgang dauert länger, mind.1 Tag, je nach Umgebungstemperatur. Den Deckel am besten nach dem Waschen auf ein Geschirrtuch legen. Wir empfehlen den Deckel für den alltäglichen Gebrauch mit einem feuchten Tuch zu reinigen.

Storage of food in the airtight aroma jars and food storage jars

Coffee / Tea
These foods contain essential oils. The O'lala boxes, on the other hand, are resistant and suffer no disadvantages. When cleaning, the essential oils may stick to the inside of the container and cling to it, as the oil settles in the micropores of the plastic, even after a rinsing process. Wipe the inside of the container with a cloth lightly moistened with lemon juice, rinse immediately with water and the oil is removed.

The natural colors of the spices do not discolour the Olala box. A well-known effect is discoloration from tomato sauce or beetroot. Our new type of plastic SMMA excludes this. From February 2016 we will start production with this material.

Earl Gray tea - Flavored tea
Early Gray Tea is infused with bergamot oil, a citric acid. Flavored teas with citrus aromas, such as orange, grab the O'lala box made of our new, water-clear material SMMA not more on. From February 2016, all Olala storage jars will be made from this material “made in Germany”.
As a precaution, leave the teas in the original bag and put them in the O'lala box together with the bag, unless we explicitly state this in the product description.

Cereal chips
Dadurch, dass keine Feuchtigkeit in die Olala Boxen dringen kann, bleiben knackige Chips und gesunde Cerealien über viele Wochen hinweg frisch.

No flour flies with Olalabox cans
If your flour or other food has come into contact with these unpleasant vermin, you can use the Olala Box to protect it in the future. Attention: Transferring into the O'lala boxes does not work. Once the food has been infested, you must dispose of it. Note - the flour flies are usually already in the flour that is produced by the mills. The mills try to destroy the flour flies and their larvae by spinning the flour vigorously during the manufacturing process.


If you use the Olala box, for example a sugar or flour box, when cooking, it is essential to ensure that cooking vapors are not trapped when the O'lala box is closed. This leads to clumping of the food. The seal of the O'lala box seals in the vapor.

Especially the triangular tins, filled with spices or herbs, are ideal for dosing when baking or cooking due to their square shape

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