Storage jars and plastic jars made in Germany - since 1833

We are a sixth-generation family business run by the current owner, Mario Bock. In the past, our customers included companies such as Mercedes - Maybach, Audi, Porsche, Siemens, VW or companies from the medical industry as suppliers of high-quality plastic parts, die-cast parts or stamped parts and their components. Due to the global change in the markets and their opening beyond national borders to Asia or Africa, the BOCKGROUP to achieve more and more own products with the aim of achieving a unique position, brand innovations and independence from third parties. The interchangeability with other suppliers and the possibility of being blackmailed by large corporations have been planned and realigned through consistent action since 2007 by the owner Mario Bock.

Among other things, in addition to the product collection for design storage jars, product lines in the field of board games, three-dimensional sculptures in the field of art, a KOSMETIKLINIE and innovations in construction.

The consistent goal of the BOCKGROUP of independence and interchangeability is lived and implemented on a daily basis.

Philosophy of the can store

With our competence from the idea, product development to our own production 100% Made in Germany, we offer everything from a single source. A highly qualified team consisting of designers and engineers, master craftsmen and skilled workers form a solid basis for sophisticated products. The aim of creating design storage jars for the most diverse areas of life and the most diverse target groups stands for combining the beautiful with the useful with this storage jar collection. That's what our brand stands for.

Production made in Germany of plastic cans!

Quality management in the production of Olala boxes is paramount. Certification of the production process according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the basis for maintaining process stability.

Why use Olala storage jars as food storage jars?

Over the years, the kitchens, the living rooms, indeed the entire living space have been embellished and changed in style.

Storage was a secondary issue, an issue for the cabinets and drawers. These storage jars are NOT for in the cupboards and drawers - Olala storage jars are used to beautify living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens - these design food storage jars have a classic, timeless design and are just really beautiful!

These storage jars are UNIQUE in DESIGN - FORM - AWARENESS - HAPPY, have high quality standards and sustainability. The collection consists of many different designs, applications and shapes and is therefore suitable for every age group. The cans beautify the living space.

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